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Virgin Coconut Oil Soap


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  • The oil, which is used as the foundation, is what makes a cleanser valuable.

  • CocoNurture™ Virgin Coconut Oil Soap is a coconut oil cleanser which is 100% pure.

  • It is formulated with natural extra virgin oil and the fragrance comes from the incorporation of almond milk.

  • It revitalizes the skin and fights wrinkles; and at the same time, guarantees regular UV protection.

  • It nourishes, detoxifies and moisturizes even the most sensitive skin.
  • SGD$15.95

     Virgin Coconut Oil Soap

    Where to buy virgin coconut oil soap in Singapore?

    Nowadays, a lot of cleansers are manufactured using oil bases which are extremely refined; the refining process may cause the introduction of chemicals, like those used during a sanitation process.

    Out of all the oils in the whole world, virgin coconut oil is the most flexible and healthiest. It has elements which fight viruses, parasites and bacteria. It revitalizes the skin and fights wrinkles; and at the same time, guarantees regular UV protection. It nourishes, detoxifies and moisturizes even the most sensitive skin.

    Usage and applications:

  • Lightly and methodically rub into the skin using gradual patting motions.
  • It makes the skin glossy and eliminates oiliness.
  • Utilize this product every day.
  • Apply to the forearm and monitor in the following 24 hours. Avoid usage in the case where irritation occurs. For external use only.
  • Buy virgin coconut oil soap for youthful skin!

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    Additional Information

    Packaging Plastic Wrap
    Country of Origin Philippines

    Is Coconut Oil Present in Soap?

    Not only does coconut oil offer skin temporary relief from harsh environments and irritation, but it also assists in healing and restoration as well. Through its use on the skin, it can bring back a youthful suppleness. The coconut oil assists in eliminating the dead skin cells on the surface, which exposes new, soft and smooth skin.

    The skin will have an even texture and great glow. By use of this coconut-oil-containing product, the nourishing compounds will penetrate deeply into skin and strengthen the concealed tissues.

    Caprylic, Capric and Lauric Acid

    Unsaturated fats found in coconut are comprehensively antimicrobial. In layman’s English, this means they assist in fighting against serious elements such as infection, growths, yeast and microbes. With the use of coconut oil soaps, there is no need to buy harsh anti-bacterial soaps.

    Truly conforming to its duty of cleansing, the cleanser is devoid of tallow and the scent of vegetable oils. Instead, it contains a nice, crisp scent and produces a pleasurable lather. Coconut oil is truly vital oil which we utilize to manufacture cleansers.

    The essential ingredients in cleansers are SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), which both act as surfactants, surface dynamic operators, and as cleaning specialists.

    Due to this, all of the oily chemicals that are expected to protect the skin, are eliminated, thus making the skin sensitive; a premeditator of irritation. Commercial cleansers normally contain synthesized chemicals, like petrochemicals and engineered synthetics, which have the possibility and capability to lead to skin damage.

    A lot of medicine is present for treating skin irritations. However, most of them consist of harsh ingredients which regularly damage the skin. For inflammation of skin, coconut oil is a wonderful and common cure because it does not contain harsh additives or chemicals; not only that, but it also works to maintain and support skin health, as it fights skin-swelling breakouts.

    Coconut oil has medium-chain unsaturated fats, which are absorbed into the skin; here, they can be particularly utilized for nourishment and protection. Coconut oil provides all the nutrients your skin requires to mend and care for itself.

    For skin breakouts, coconut oil exhibits beneficial properties that eliminate skin swelling and scarring; coconut oil also works to prevent additional scarring by improving the skin’s integrity. Also, alleviation of irritation caused by severe skin swelling can be remedied through the use of coconut oil.

    Coconut oil will easily help skin retain its moisture balance, thus keeping it soft without being oily. It works as well as balms and salves in the restoration of skin suppleness and glow.

    The Reason it is Great for You

    CocoNurture™ Virgin Coconut Oil Soap

    Is prepared from safe, natural ingredients, and improved with vitamins A and E. Virgin coconut oil is believed to contain a strong property which fights aging, fights wrinkles, and rejuvenates the skin to bring back that vibrant look.

    It also combats viruses and germs, as well as protozoa. Through this ability, it prevents the establishment of skin ailments and infections, which incapacitate the immune response.

    The medicinal benefits of coconut oil as a skin cleanser (cold process) are amazing; the oil contains the following properties:

  • Prevents skin cancer
  • Antimicrobial (antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral)
  • The caprylic, capric and lauric acid in the oil are connected to a huge number of these benefits. Normally, coconut oil can be used on the hair and skin. It is wonderful for your skin as it gets rid of dryness and rashes as well. Similarly, it is helpful in fighting wrinkles and aging signs. Common skin problems such as dermatitis and psoriasis can be handled together with direct application of coconut oil, without the use of chemicals.

  • Contains a variety of micronutrients
  • A lot of micronutrients are available, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, copper, manganese, iron, zinc, selenium, as well as vitamins C and E. These micronutrients have a lot of wide-reaching benefits, such as reducing dandruff, lowering circulatory pressure (manganese) and reversing/slowing signs of aging (selenium).

    Benefits of Coconut Oil Soap

    Intense Antioxidants

    A lot of these micronutrients are unfriendly to harmful free radicals that lead to disease; this improves the health of the skin.

    Fight Skin Swelling

    Since it consists of capric, lauric and caprylic acids, coconut oil acts as an antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral treatment, it also helps prevent skin cancer. Therefore, it can relieve irritation, reduce scarring from skin breakouts and nourish the skin.

    Because of the beneficial properties of coconut oil, coconut oil cleansers are a completely widespread cure. It is also devoid of harsh chemicals, which may react with the skin and, even, irritate it.

    Cleanse and Hydrate the Skin

    This soap is classic, leaving the skin robust and with no oiliness; this meticulously-prepared cleanser does this effortlessly. It consists of unsaturated fats which nourish the skin, thus making it hydrated and resilient.

    Due to its coconut oil content, it also contains potassium, calcium, copper, magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron, selenium and vitamins C and E; all of these assist to rejuvenate the skin and make the product a chemical-free make-up remover, since it gets rid of dirt and lifeless skin cells. And so, soft, dewy, and radiant skin is revealed!

    Battles Aging

    This product is wonderful at assisting the skin in the fight against time. Its agents, which prevent cancer, stop the skin from being susceptible to cracking, which it normally does as it becomes older. By protecting and allowing the skin to heal, the skin appears firmer and more stable; therefore, skin will appear additionally younger. It has an SPF of 4, which assists to reduce the damage sun exposure inflicts on the skin.

    The sun, on its own, can make people look older than their years; therefore, when the skin gets some protection against UV rays, it can endure the aging procedure more gracefully.

    Treat Skin Irritations

    Those with recurrent skin illnesses such as dermatitis, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, parasitic nail infections and severely dry skin will be happy to learn that coconut oil cleansers have an ingredient that can assist—lauric acid.

    Since it contains antimicrobials, skin infections are kept at bay while the skin is given the opportunity to recover. In addition, it protects sensitive skin from the elements and helps reduce irritation.


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