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Origin, Type and Packaging

  • Our coconut oil is sourced from the Philippines and is FDA certified. We have an organic farming certificate from the Philippine Coconut Authority. We also have the Halal and Kosher certification for our other food products.
  • We are Singapore's best source of cold-pressed, raw and unrefined, real organic and genuine virgin coconut oil. “Virgin” means that it has not been refined. “Cold-pressed “ means that no heat is used to express the oil.
  • The melting point of our coconut oil is 76 degrees fahrenheit (24C). If you would like to keep the coconut oil in a liquid state, its best to keep it at room temperature without air conditioning. It becomes solid below 76 degrees.
  • Coconut oil has a 2 year shelf life from its manufacturing date. It does not require refrigeration.
  • The white bits in coconut oil has nothing to do with the quality of the oil. Coconut oil “grains” or crystals, develop as a result of the environment in which the oil is stored.
  • Our oils come in glass containers. While other products comes in a tightly sealed pouch and plastic bottle and jar.
  • Purchasing and Delivery

  • We are an online shop with a delivery and dispatch division. We do not have a storefront self collection is not available. However, you can send us your postal code so that we can direct you direct to our stockist near you. 
  • Purchases are dispatched the next day. Our dispatch schedule is from Monday through Friday. We don't delivery during holidays.
  • Uses and Application

  • CocoNurture™ Premium Culinary Virgin Coconut Oil has mild fresh coconut taste and aroma. It does not affect the taste and aroma of food when used in cooking. This is why it is great for stir frying and deep frying.
  • CocoNurture™ Ultra Light Virgin Coconut Oil has a medium fresh coconut taste and aroma. It is best consumed raw because of its sweeter, stronger coconut taste. It is best for salads, tea and other beverages.
  • CocoNurture™ virgin coconut oil can be use on hair and scalp. Coconut oil in itself is a multipurpose oil that could be used from head to toe. Virgin coconut oil is all natural and is easily absorbed by the skin. Pure, extra virgin coconut oil is the perfect natural alternative for healthy and vital skin. Organic coconut oil has been used for thousands of years medicinally and is clearly a better option than any petroleum based product.