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Stick to your diet
Let “CocoNurture™ Club” supply for you. Don’t be stubborn and mess up your diet like I have before. Get the membership and make sure you always have on hand.
Set it and forget it. Absolutely perfect if you're trying to stick to a Paleo, Keto, or Low Carb diet.

Stay productive, longer.
Do you ever find yourself working long hours on something you love only to realize that you hardly ate a thing AND don’t have any snacks around?
This used to happen to me all the time. With “CocoNurture™ Club” you can keep it to your workspace and eat a few pieces when you’re starving. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing and risk falling out of your peek productive state.


Just last month CocoNurture™ delivered 800+ packs of various products to over 250 clients.

        ▪ Plans start at just S$55/month.

        ▪ Orders placed today will ship on the 20th.

        ▪ Pay as you go, no contract monthly packages are available.



Does CocoNurture™ Club offer free samples?
We do not offer free samples, but we will make you a risk free guarantee. If your team doesn't love the first order of CocoNurture™ Club and think you're totally awesome for trying something new, then we'll refund you.

Can I do this as a one-time purchased?
Yes. However, you will not enjoy the exclusive discounts and surprises that CococNurture™ Club has to offer.

What happens after my first month?
If you like the products, you will continue to be billed monthly and receive Coconurture™ like clockwork every month. If you don't like the products you cancel anytime up to 10 days before the next month ship date and you will not be billed.

When does the CocoNurture™ Club ship?
Your CocoNurture™ Club ships on the 20th of the month and arrives a few business days later. Please understand that delivery times are longer around the holidays.

Do you ship international?
Unfortunately no. We only serve Singapore.

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept bank transfer and through PayPal..

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
There’s no contract on the monthly packages — you just pay as you go, and you can cancel anytime up to 10 days before the monthly ship date. The Annual Package is a one-year contract. You can choose to renew or cancel at the end of every year.

What if I need more products?
You can login into your account and increase your order or email us and we'll increase it for you. Please contact us at least 10 days before the ship date.

What’s the CocoNurture™ Club refund policy?
Our goal is to always be fair and reasonable. If you're unsatisfied with the service we'd be happy to grant a refund up to 5 business days before the ship date. However, we cannot accept return or refund requests on orders that has already been shipped.

Can I hold or delay a shipment?
Of course! If you for some reason won't be around to receive a package, please let us know as soon as possible.

Can I substitute items in my box?
Yes. If there's a product you don't like, we you can replace it with other products. Thus, the bill will vary.