Coconut Oil for SkinIt would be great if a cream exists that we can use on the skin and consume at the same time, without posing any health risk. The good news is that coconut oil meets this criterion. It is not just edible; it is believed to be among the super foods, known for weight reduction and restricting the danger of diabetes.

Furthermore, it is recognized as being anti-microbial; this makes it ideal to manage skin illnesses triggered by germs or fungi.

Using coconut oil on your skin is not greasy. It is natural oil and its nutrients are absorbed by the skin quickly. 

Coconut oil benefits and health advantages

Coconut oil consists of a blend of fatty acids with strong remedial elements.

Singapore's Best Coconut Oil

Guidelines for Selecting Virgin Coconut Oil in Singapore

  • In a lot of instances, virgin coconut oil or unrefined coconut oil is a better option compared to coconut oil which is refined.
  • Virgin or unrefined coconut organic oil contains a coconut taste; the refined type does not contain taste or smell.
  • There is a method you can use to recognize coconut oil of superior quality from others.

There are things you should look for in choosing among the many brands:

Firstly, I suggest virgin coconut oil rather than RBD oil or non-virgin. RBD means bleached, refined and perfumed. If food is subjected to minimal processing, this raises the nutritional component and makes it healthier.

Second, look for a glass bottle with a long neck which allows precise and easy pouring. With this type of packaging, say goodbye to splash, spills and careless measurements.

Majority of coconut oil available for sale are in jars as is it sold to four weathered climate like Europe, North America and Australia. This presents a problem as when you dip your spoon inside the jar it may be wet or dirty. When coconut oil is poured from a bottle, this is simply handier than using a spoon to scoop it from the jar. 

Ensure you acquire one from a bottle rather than a jar.

Third, ensure you obtain coconut oil which is in a clear container. In this way, you can easily see if there are any impurities. 

Coconut oil is different from olive oil which gets destroyed by sunlight. If the temperature is below 76º, the item starts to clump. These clumps which are white are natural crystalline formations of saturated fats.

Fourth, check the coconut oil brand. All brands will promise you that they are the best. Know the line of their products.

And lastly, it is better and convenient if it is locally stocked.

What does the following mean?

    • Refined - Unrefined
    • Virgin - extra-virgin
    • Cold-pressed - expeller-pressed

Research has indicated that the consumption of organic virgin coconut oil can help our bodies build up resistance to bacteria and viruses that lead to sickness. As of late, virgin coconut oil has gained a lot of publicity which portray it as a literal a miracle!

In reality, it is not a cure for everything and what is effective for other individuals might not be effective for you. However, it remains wonderful to have on hand, with some imagination and a bit of originality.

Historical uses of virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil usesFor many years, virgin coconut oil has been utilized in tropical countries. Nutrients from coconut make it among the most beneficial yet simple and affordable health supplements in recent times.

Before World War 2, virgin coconut oil was a food staple which was popularly used in baking and cooking. Over the course of the war, use of virgin coconut oil declined and later reduced even more when concerns were raised that coconut oil’s fatty chains were harmful.

What is the reason for using Coconut Oil in the Paleo Diet?

Among the Paleo Diet’s main features is that it appreciates the significance of dietary fats, so long as they are healthy ones like coconut oil. Below is some advice and guide of forming the ideal paleo plate for each mealtime from Nell Stephenson—a Paleo chef and authored ‘Paleoista’:

  • Where to buy coconut oil in SingaporeFresh vegetables (2/3).
  • A handful of protein.
  • A portion of healthy fat.
  • A plateful of fruit.

Therefore, for paleo diet, fats need to be added to each meal. 

The general rule of thumb for a typical paleo recipe is eating whole, unprocessed, nourishing foods.

Grass fed and pastured meats and eggs, wild-caught seafood, and vegetables are preferred. Fruit, nuts, and seeds in moderation. And it is encouraged to abstain from eating foods that can cause inflammation, such as, gluten-containing grains, legumes and refined sugar.

Let's discuss the what virgin coconut oil is made of.

Coconut Virgin Oil Singapore

Organic virgin coconut oil's properties can withstand up to 350° cooking temperature cooking heat without losing its nutritional value hence it is very popular for cooking. It is not sensitive to light so it does not need tinted or dark glass container.

In preparing my food, I just utilize two oils. The initial one, extra virgin olive oil, is a more enhanced fat which is mono-saturated; it functions wonderfully as a dressing for salad.

Polyunsaturated fats include standard vegetable oils such as soy, corn, sunflower, safflower and canola. These are the absolute poorest oils to cook with. These oils (Omega-6) are very vulnerable to harm caused by heat due to their double bonds. Eating an excess of Omega-6 can lead to increased inflammation in the body and potentially contribute to disease.

I highly encourage you to get rid of those omega-6 vegetable oils from your shelves.

Coconut Oil Uses

And that's not all.....

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